What Is The Virtue And Vice Of ESTPs? Chastity Vs. Nymphomania


Chase: 00:02 Hey, it's CS Joseph with CSJoseph.life. Tonight's lecture we're doing virtue and vice for all of the 16 archetypes according to Jungian analytical psychology. And tonight it's going to be a bit controversial, maybe as controversial as my INFJ video. We'll see. So ESTPs: the virtue and vice of the ESTP. A lot of people don't really know what it is. And I figured it out recently by a very close friend of mine who is an ESTP. I knew what their vice was, I just didn't really know how to explain their virtue. And it wasn't until I met him that I realized that their virtue was even possible. It was... I was astounded. I was shocked actually. Just another example of how ignorant that I could actually be because, I mean I'm not the smartest guy in the world and like everybody else, I can be pretty ignorant, right?

Chase: 01:16 So I'm glad that he showed me the light as far as ESTPs are concerned with virtue and vice. So why [are] why is virtue and vice important? Well, in order for us to dive into compatibility with all of the 16 types we need to have an understanding of virtue and vice so that we can kinda see where the 16 types are coming from. As a result of understanding virtue and vice we actually can start having relationships with people. Kind of a buildup in that direction. Yeah. Knowing the cognitive functions is great, but knowing how the cognitive functions [leads] to a way of life, right? An approach that they take to life that ends up becoming human nurture at least to those people externally in their relationships. It's important to know virtue and vice. So you have a person's nature and then that nature has a virtue and a vice, and when you have all that together, that virtue and that vice, like an engine, creates a nurture and that nurture can affect other human beings, right? So we have to know their virtue and vice in order to understand, to understand them further, right? To understand where they go.

Chase: 02:47 So, having that knowledge ahead of time we're able to get to a point where we can understand compatibility between the types, right? So it's just part of the compatibility foundation, and that is why we focus so much on all these different little minutiae and little details. But enough said about that. the virtue and vice of the ESTP. So what is a very common trait amongst ESTPs? A lot of people say they're harsh. Some people say they're bullies, some people say that they are the alpha of all the types, a walking reality check. The ultimate realist. That realism... many people have argued that realism was their virtue? Nope. Now it's pretty close, but it's not really the number one. So I'd like to talk to you about a few ESTPs that I know personally and have observed in my lifetime.

Chase: 04:04 So I have a particular family member actually who is an ESTP. Let me tell you about him. He once described himself to me as a serial monogamist, right? What does that mean? A serial monogamist. He has a [he has a] black book. He keeps all of the names and phone numbers of every woman he has ever dated, ever. He has them categorized by the ones that he did not sleep with and the ones he did. It's a very large book, and when I looked at it six years ago it had over 400 names, at least for the... well, 400 names that he claims he slept with, right? Well, that is the vice of the ESTP.

Chase: 05:09 That is nymphomania. "What, Chase, NYMPHOMANIA, really? That's the vice of the ESTP?" Yes, actually it is. It really is, you know, ESTP guys and ESTP women, they [they] really liked being in the sack. I'm sorry, but the ESTP literally is [is] the horniest of all the types. Why is that? Well, it's because they draw their self worth [because] they have Fi trickster, right? So they don't know how they feel, they have a hard time valuing themselves, right? So they have to seek that self worth, that value from external sources. And one of the ways that they do this [in] two ways. One with their extraverted sensing hero because they want to deliver to their lover or anyone the ultimate experience, the [the] magnum opus, especially in the bedroom because of how sacred and important it is to the ESTP. It is absolutely critical to the ESTP.

Chase: 06:20 Sexual intimacy. If you [if you] take that away from an ESTP they will go berserk. They can't do it. They have to have that intimate physical contact with another human being. It's one of the ways that they're able to draw value, you know, from themselves because they get off by the giving the sensation, great positive, amazing sensation to another human being, right? And then they feel good about themselves. Why? Well, that's because of Fe child, extroverted feeling child. Ethical child. Their inner child just wants to give people balloons and candy. It wants other people to value it. Extroverted feeling child wants people to like it; wants people to love it. So imagine all those women, you know, "Oh, I'm in a relationship with this guy. I really want him to like me," right?

Chase: 07:21 And then, "I want to give them the best experience in bed forever. So that way he'll always remember me and never forget about me, ever. Oh, I see him with that chick, but the truth is I know I gave him the best experience he ever had, and he won't forget that. He might come back to me," or "He'll never be as happy with her as he was with me," right? Very common. Its the most common actually with ESTPs, pseudo common with INFJs, but can't beat the ESTP on this one. ESTPs pretty far. I would say the majority of ESTPs out there have a huge array of lovers, a huge one, and it's not because they're sluts. It's not because they're man whores or whoring around, it has nothing to do with that. So let's not be judging the ESTPs in that way. It's not about that.

Chase: 08:21 What it's about is they're trying so hard to find someone who will follow them over a cliff by giving that sensation, by giving that person such a great experience that they're able to have that person be loyal to them. Loyal in such a way that they literally never leave, right. That they don't leave, that they don't [that they don't] feel abandoned by the person, right. ESTPs don't want to be abandoned, and ESTPs believe that if they have amazing sex with the person, that person is less likely to abandon them and be more loyal to them which is why it's their vice. It's also because they want those people to feel good about them. Not only are they giving a good experience to somebody, but they're also making that person feel good about themselves, feel better about themselves, that they are improving that person through this sexual experience.

Chase: 09:21 It doesn't have to be sexual either. It can be anything. The ESTP is a very giving type, giving that good experience and making another person feel good, right? While also sharing his thoughts and helping someone think through things, because when that person needs to think out loud and, like, their lover needs to think out loud, the ESTP will be able to provide logical thinking, which is super intelligent by the way. Ti parent is super intelligent and ESTPs know it. It's kind of what makes them harsh, right? Well, but their vice is nymphomania. Now let's talk about their virtue. Their virtue is chastity. Now for everyone watching this video, freaking out about me telling everyone that ESTPs are whores, or sluts, or whatever, ESTPs can get that bad. Absolutely, but on the other side of the spectrum out of all the types they could be also the most chaste of all the types. To the point where you could literally see an ESTP only have ever been with, like, an ESTP male, only ever been with a woman once, like one woman that is - his entire life, and be completely devoted to that woman from start to finish.

Chase: 10:44 It is possible. I've seen it with ESTPs. So ESTPs get that way. It's interesting, once they've gone through their giant array of lovers they find that one lover who is loyal to... who enjoys receiving those [experience], who enjoys receiving those experiences. Who values the ESTP, male or female. That ESTP was like, "Yes. I finally found the one. I am all in," and they never look back, and they never let go. A lot of people think that because ESTPs are having so many lovers all the time because of their nymphomania vice that they can't be trusted. A lot of ESTPs have [laugh] reputations of getting around ,and then it ends up hurting their reputations, and then people judge them, you know, men judge the women. "Oh, she's loose. She's easy." No, it's not that. She's just trying to find that one, you know.

Chase: 11:46 Or you know, "Oh, he's... he's going to dump me as soon as he sees someone better." No, he's just trying to find the one because sexual intimacy is the most important thing to ESTPs. Of all the types - they are the horniest of all types. They draw their self worth, they draw their sense of value from the sexual act more than any other action in their entire life. ESTPs, they come here on this channel and [be] like, "Oh yeah, man, he's right. No, he's wrong." Well, think about it. Are you a more virtuous ESTP, or are you a more [viceful] ESTP? I got two ESTPs in my family. One male, one female, and both of them can get around and have gotten around. But one recently found who they believe was the one and they got married and they're so super devoted to that one person, and that person means everything to them.

Chase: 12:53 That doesn't mean they're a slut. That doesn't mean they're not trustworthy. That doesn't mean they're a horrible person. That doesn't mean they're loose, like, take these stupid labels guys and just throw them out the window, like, seriously? How about understanding people, understand ESTPs. This is how they work. Just because they have a wide array of lovers doesn't make them a bad person, because once they find what they're looking for they'll be devoted to that person indefinitely without question. Provided that person is loyal to them. Provided that person gives them the freedom that they need to want things and helps them, helps manage them, you know? Kind of like what STJs do for STPs. So talking about the virtue and vice of the ESTJ yesterday, serenity versus chaos. The ESTP would be so focused on giving the ESTJ such a good experience all the time that the ESTJs feel super comfortable.

Chase: 13:56 It builds up loyalty. It's like the extraverted sensing hero of the ESTP is etching, permanently etching the soul of the ESTJ. I guarantee you an ESTJ can remember every sexual act that they've ever had with any person, and they will always remember until the day they die. ESTPs know that sexual intimacy is so powerful that it [that it] permanently embeds itself upon the minds of [who] of their lovers. Absolute permanent bending. Even if it's just casual sex, it still is permanently there and [there] they had a permanent memory with that person. They're just trying to find the person that will come back for more, and that's true for male or female ESTPs. And regardless of gender they like being on top, let's be honest. But that's not a bad thing either. It's really not a bad thing, like women need to realize that if you [li(ke)] if you feel more like the man in the relationship, at least in the bedroom, doesn't make you emasculating at all.

Chase: 15:06 It makes you really dope actually. You know what I mean? Be who you are. It's okay. There's some men that will allow you to take control in the bedroom, and there's some men that prefer to have control in the bedroom. Well, that's usually Se users. Se user males like to have control in the bedroom. They like to have [they like to] be on top primarily, right? Si users like to be on bottom primarily. That's how it works, right? We'll talk more about sexual response in a later series, but anyway, virtue and vice. Chastity Sometimes ESTP finds their - what they believe is their ideal lover, or the one person that's devoted to them that likes to receive those experiences. That one person that they could [that] that values the ESTP for everything that they are. And they're [and they're] devoted to that person, and they're just latched onto that person indefinitely, right?

Chase: 16:05 Well, sometimes an ESTP can actually meet that person super early in their life, right? And then they're just straight up devoted to that person indefinitely. They never betray that person, right? And that person will never betrayed them and that's why, because ESTPs are kind of like mirrors, right? Kind of like how INFJs are mirrors. They mirror behavior. Anyone in that quadra mirrors behavior, so STP types and NFJ types, they are mirrors, right? ESTPs mirror that behavior. And if that person is loyal and dutiful to the ESTP, the ESTP will not screw with that. And that's why if an ESTP ends up having an early relationship in their youth, they'll stop having a wide array of lovers. They won't, and it could just be one and they could [and] it could be possible that they could start out with one and still be with one indefinitely. I've seen it happen.

Chase: 17:03 ESTPs can be the most chaste of all the types. It is unbelievable, but they can, and it's amazing. When they're able to, you know, find those relationships and build those relationships up, you know, even though most people are in general peeved when they're around ESTPs because they're like, "Oh, ESTPs are so harsh, or they're always trying to stir up shit," you know? No, they're walking reality checks, they're trying to reality check you, or trying to get your head in reality if you're too far in the clouds. Which I am all the time, right? I mean that's why I do these videos, right? It's because they're trying to reality check you. They [they] want you to be in reality. Now sure, because of that they just basically will have nothing to do with extravert intuition which sucks for an extravert intuition hero like me. My relationship with my ESTP family members is quite frankly at an all time low.

Chase: 18:04 Well, that's how it goes. I mean there's only so much you can do with type compatibility. Eventually the compatibility will get ya, right, and bite you in the butt. But that doesn't make them bad people, right? Just because, you know, they may not be chaste right now, doesn't mean they're always going to be that way. So stop judging them that way. You have to understand the ESTPS, right? It's, they're not trying to be sluts, not trying to be man whores. It's not about that. They're not trying to be loose, it's not about that. It's just sexual intimacy is so important to them, and it's the one way that they can connect to a human being and have the absolute most positive results from that connection, you know, with their ego that is, because it's how they draw their self worth. It's how they draw meaning, right? Having that connection and finding that one person that would like to keep having that connection and then when they're in full sync, right, they got that synchronicity compatibility going. The ESTP will be devoted to that person.

Chase: 19:06 Now, sure, it would be nice if [if] the world worked a little bit different, but I mean, I'm sorry. First world society is pretty messed up and yeah, it sucks that an ESTP would have to be with 400 people, and in some cases... I think, like, the highest number I ever heard and looked at a black book ever - maybe in the eight hundreds. But still, you know, doesn't mean they're bad people. It doesn't necessarily mean they're irresponsible. Serial monogamy, right? But again, once they find that one person, they are super chaste, they are super devoted to that one person. And [and] you know when they're not, when they're not on their search for all their levers and they're focused on building up themselves, if they're like ESTP woman and she's learning to humble herself and really build up her personal beauty, right? Or in a man, ESTP man is focused on esteeming himself and building up his nobility. They could be super chaste then and not have [and] just literally decide, "I'm not doing dating right now. I'm busy building up myself so that I can have a higher chance of attracting that one person I'm really looking for." Such is the way of the virtue and vice of an ESTP. Chastity versus nymphomania.

Chase: 20:29 Anyway, if you found this lecture to be useful, or insightful, or helpful, please subscribe to the channel or subscribe to the podcast. For those of you on the podcast that are joining us, thank you. I really appreciate how much this audience has grown. If you have any questions about virtue and vice of the ESTP please leave it in the comments section. I'll do my best to answer your questions and keep the video requests coming, guys. I'm getting all of them written down. I'm probably [have been] to 370 |of these| worth of videos to go. But that's fine, I'll do them all. So we're going to be doing the ENTJ tomorrow for virtue and vice. So I'll see you then. Have good night.



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